Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's been forever I know...I know!

Ok so I know I've been slacking in the blog world but really... what do you expect when I don't have the Internet at home...

So now for a little info to catch you all up. We've been wking out in the yard these past few wks and still have more to go! We are putting in a sprinkler system! YAY!!! We rototilled one day shoveled a good 6-8" off the front and threw it in the back and than leveled out the front and got some sod laid! Let me tell you... even though it isn't done it looks 100% better already!

We started leveling out the backyard and laid the rest of the sod that we had! Got the nasty Box Elder tree out of our backyard which I am sooo excited about! Hopefully we won't have as many Box Elder bugs trying to infiltrate my house!

Kendrick got sick and than lovingly gave it to me! Or should I say he shared it with me since we are both still sick. :( Hopefully Kendrick will start getting better this wkend otherwise I might have to take him to the Dr on Mon.

I missed my 15 wk dr appt this past wk. I've come to rely too much on my reminder call that I always get from them the day before. They didn't call this time and I totally spaced it. Oh well, it's rescheduled for this tues... Let's hope I can remember it! Don't they know I'm prego and need those reminder calls because of what I call my pregnancy forgetfulness. :o)

Mom and I went to the Corn Wagon in Springville yesterday! Can I just tell you all how much I LOVE that store! They are having a "Bag Ladies Club" this summer where we sign up and make these adorable bags! Look at May's bag!

Mine will look similar to the one with orange pockets but not the same. :o) It has to be unique you know! I was soo excited about this class that I was inviting everyone whos number I had in my phone that I thought would like the bag! I ended up getting my mom and 2 of my SsIL to sign up to do it with me! I'm pretty excited about it! They had such a big response to this bag that they had to open another class! My class is June 10th! YAY! I'll post my pix when I get it done!

I'll have to post pix of k later since I didn't bring my camera to upload them... Sorry... I know that's all most of you care about anyway. ;o)