Monday, December 14, 2009

Ryan's Blessing

Here are some pix I took of Ryan in his Blessing outfit. We blessed him the first Sunday in Dec. and had family over for snacks after.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ryan Matthew Morgan

Ryan was born Friday November 13, 2009, 3 days late, at 12:44 am! Weight: 6lbs 13.2oz Length: 19.5in. Nobody thought I'd make it that long seeing where I was @ 36wks.
Thursday the 12th was the one day I was not allowed to have him. :o) 2 outta 4 people that Phill works with were on vacation that week and Brandon, the other one not on vacation, said that was the one night he wouldn't be able to do all the pages by himself. Well needless to say contractions started around 10am but were not regular. They continued all day being anywhere from 6-10 min apart.

My visiting teachers brought dinner that night and by then the contractions were between 6-8 min apart and getting stronger. I knew I was going to be going into full on labor before the night was through. When Phill went back to work after dinner I went and picked up my mom so she could stay the night. When we got home contractions were a consistant 6 min apart. Phill had said at dinner he'd prob be able to get outta wk around 10:30pm, so I waited till than to call the midwife to tell her I was heading into the hospital.

I got to the hospital @ a quater to 11pm. I was checked when I got there and was between a 6 &7 and 80%. Disappointing! That is where I was @ my appt. on tues morning. Those darn contractions hadn't done a thing! Claudia, the midwife, got to the hospital right after they checked me and offered to break my water. Phill was still at work so I said I'd wait until he got there. He ended up not being able to get off @ 10:30 and so he didn't get to the hospital until 11:15pm.

Claudia checked back with us at 11:40. We got all ready for her to break my water. I was having a contraction so she waited until that one was done.
She said, "that seemed like an intense one. Do you want me to check and see if you are progressing on your own, before I break your water?" I did and she checked. I was at an 8 & 90%. We decided that since I was going pretty fast on my own we'd forget about breaking my water just yet and I got into the tub.

I'm not sure how long I was in the tub for. I was shaking so bad when I got out that Claudia said I was gonna shake the baby right out of me! :o) I wasn't shaking because I was cold I was just shaking. She had checked me once right before I got outta the tub and I was at a 9. She said that since it was my second child I could start pushing whenever I felt like I needed to. That is why I got out of the tub. After getting back into the bed Claudia broke my water and I started pushing.

Unlike with Kendrick I had little breaks in between contractions so I could actually breathe. :o) He came quick and was here within a few pushes. He came out breathing which was also nice after K not breathing when he was first born. Phill also got to cut the cord which I think he was excited about since he didn't get to cut K's cord.

Getting him here seemed to hurt a lot more than getting Kendrick here. The recovery also seems to be going slower for me ... maybe it has something to do with the fact that I have a 2yr old and can't just rest all the time. :o)

I now have 2 beautiful boys that I love more than life! I am excited to see them grow and already love watching the changes that both are making.

Kendrick loves his little brother and is always wanting to hold and kiss him. Life has been an adjustment but we are loving almost every minute of it. :o)

Funny thing Kendrick said one night while I was feeding Ryan ... He was wanting me to hold him and crying he said, "Mommy! Ryan bed! No eat your boobie!"

Here's some pics:

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

36 wks

Well I had my dr appt today! 4cm and 80%! Crazy!!!! We are going to st george this weekend so hopefully I don't have him down there!!! I want him to at least wait until tues or wed of next week. I still have maternity pix I'm getting done!!! Wait baby wait!!!! :o)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

32 wks!

Me @ 32 wks... 2nd pregnancy
Kim @ 26wks... 3rd pregnancy
For those of you who have looked at my sister's blog she just posted a pic of her belly and I am doing the same. :o) She is 5 wks behind me but you wouldn't know it by our bellies! We measured the other night around the biggest part of our bellies and she was abt 4in bigger than me! We'll see what the actual difference will be when we both have our babies. I was 2 1/2 wks early with my first and they tell her they won't let her go past the 15th when she is due the 22nd.

I measured 33cm @ my 32wk check. Everybody is telling me that I'm so small! Well that tells you that I'm not! Ha! I'm right on track... :o) For those of you who don't know you are supposed to measure within 1cm either way of how many wks you are.

I have been such a bad mom with this preg! I've taken maybe 3 pix of my belly the entire pregnancy! What a slacker I am!

Just so I have something about this preg here's some fun facts... or not so fun facts.
I was super nauseous with this one. I became the monster I hear pregnant women are! Thanks Phill for loving me anyway! Emotional as all getout! I'd start bawling for no reason and Kendrick would see me so he'd start bawling and Phill just loved us and tried to help. :o) Heartburn! OH MY HECK!!!! Heartburn worse than the fires of Hell!!! Back and hip pain. Trip to the hospital @ 30wks.... It was a bladder infection.... so no worries. Ryan is kicking down all the time! Kendrick give Ryan zerbits, kisses and hugs all through mommy's tummy. It is soo cute! I haven't spilled on nearly as many shirts as I did with Kendrick! Yeah me!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


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Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's been forever I know...I know!

Ok so I know I've been slacking in the blog world but really... what do you expect when I don't have the Internet at home...

So now for a little info to catch you all up. We've been wking out in the yard these past few wks and still have more to go! We are putting in a sprinkler system! YAY!!! We rototilled one day shoveled a good 6-8" off the front and threw it in the back and than leveled out the front and got some sod laid! Let me tell you... even though it isn't done it looks 100% better already!

We started leveling out the backyard and laid the rest of the sod that we had! Got the nasty Box Elder tree out of our backyard which I am sooo excited about! Hopefully we won't have as many Box Elder bugs trying to infiltrate my house!

Kendrick got sick and than lovingly gave it to me! Or should I say he shared it with me since we are both still sick. :( Hopefully Kendrick will start getting better this wkend otherwise I might have to take him to the Dr on Mon.

I missed my 15 wk dr appt this past wk. I've come to rely too much on my reminder call that I always get from them the day before. They didn't call this time and I totally spaced it. Oh well, it's rescheduled for this tues... Let's hope I can remember it! Don't they know I'm prego and need those reminder calls because of what I call my pregnancy forgetfulness. :o)

Mom and I went to the Corn Wagon in Springville yesterday! Can I just tell you all how much I LOVE that store! They are having a "Bag Ladies Club" this summer where we sign up and make these adorable bags! Look at May's bag!

Mine will look similar to the one with orange pockets but not the same. :o) It has to be unique you know! I was soo excited about this class that I was inviting everyone whos number I had in my phone that I thought would like the bag! I ended up getting my mom and 2 of my SsIL to sign up to do it with me! I'm pretty excited about it! They had such a big response to this bag that they had to open another class! My class is June 10th! YAY! I'll post my pix when I get it done!

I'll have to post pix of k later since I didn't bring my camera to upload them... Sorry... I know that's all most of you care about anyway. ;o)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well I went to my drs. appt. today and got a cute little pic of our growing baby that I thought I'd share.
It's kinda hard to see the baby 'cause I had to take a pic of the pic on the camera phone since the scanner it's working. The baby is right in the center of the pic with the head on the right side and the feet out to the left.

Kendrick is quite the jealous kid so we are going to have some fun come Nov. :o) Actually I'm kinda dreading it. Any time he sees me holding a child smaller than him he comes running over wanting to be held. The first time it happened...when he was about a yr old... he cried and cried until I finally gave up the baby I was holding and picked him up. He wouldn't even go to his grandpa Morgan who is his Favorite person of all time...yes, even over his own mother.

I'm hoping that by the time Nov. rolls around he might be understanding more concerning the baby and hopefully it won't be as bad as I'm thinking it is going to be. If any of you moms have any ideas on how to help Kendrick understand that he's not going to be the only one needing my attention and things that helped you when you had your second child I would greatly appreciate it! :o)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random pics of Kendrick

These were all taken during the Super Bowl party at my parents house in Feb.

New House pics!

Front of the house

Ok, so here it is. The wonderful home of Morgans. This pictures were taken in December obviously before we moved all of our stuff in the house. It will give you an idea of what it looks like.

Back of the house




Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bath time

Kendrick's favorite room in our new house is definitely the bathroom. Whether he goes into the bathroom to watch mommy and daddy get ready for the day or going taking a bath, he loves the bathroom.

Olympics here we come

For those that don't know my little brother Chase, he is an avid skier and had a ski pass to Park City Mountain Resort. Neither Leslie or I have gone skiing in 7-12 years, and when I decided that since Chase's pass was going to go waste while he was on his mission, I wanted to go skiing on a day off.
Leslie didn't want me to go alone, both because she didn't want me to push my limits and also thought that quality time together without Kendrick would be great. We used Chase's and Vince's skis, boots and poles. We went for 1/2 a day and had so much fun. Both of us felt like we never left the slopes.

The only down-side to not going skiing for that long of time is .... the sore sore muscles. Both of us couldn't walk for the next 2 days.

We're still alive ... and loving it!

Yeah, we know it's been a long time since we have posted on the blog, but we're back. Yes we moved .... no we don't have pictures of the house. We took them but since we don't have TV or the internet at the house, the only time we get to use the internet is at Phill's parents' house. If we don't take our memory card, then we can't update the blog.

Today is everyone's lucky day, we have some pictures and hopefully we will have the house pictures next time.