Monday, December 14, 2009

Ryan's Blessing

Here are some pix I took of Ryan in his Blessing outfit. We blessed him the first Sunday in Dec. and had family over for snacks after.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ryan Matthew Morgan

Ryan was born Friday November 13, 2009, 3 days late, at 12:44 am! Weight: 6lbs 13.2oz Length: 19.5in. Nobody thought I'd make it that long seeing where I was @ 36wks.
Thursday the 12th was the one day I was not allowed to have him. :o) 2 outta 4 people that Phill works with were on vacation that week and Brandon, the other one not on vacation, said that was the one night he wouldn't be able to do all the pages by himself. Well needless to say contractions started around 10am but were not regular. They continued all day being anywhere from 6-10 min apart.

My visiting teachers brought dinner that night and by then the contractions were between 6-8 min apart and getting stronger. I knew I was going to be going into full on labor before the night was through. When Phill went back to work after dinner I went and picked up my mom so she could stay the night. When we got home contractions were a consistant 6 min apart. Phill had said at dinner he'd prob be able to get outta wk around 10:30pm, so I waited till than to call the midwife to tell her I was heading into the hospital.

I got to the hospital @ a quater to 11pm. I was checked when I got there and was between a 6 &7 and 80%. Disappointing! That is where I was @ my appt. on tues morning. Those darn contractions hadn't done a thing! Claudia, the midwife, got to the hospital right after they checked me and offered to break my water. Phill was still at work so I said I'd wait until he got there. He ended up not being able to get off @ 10:30 and so he didn't get to the hospital until 11:15pm.

Claudia checked back with us at 11:40. We got all ready for her to break my water. I was having a contraction so she waited until that one was done.
She said, "that seemed like an intense one. Do you want me to check and see if you are progressing on your own, before I break your water?" I did and she checked. I was at an 8 & 90%. We decided that since I was going pretty fast on my own we'd forget about breaking my water just yet and I got into the tub.

I'm not sure how long I was in the tub for. I was shaking so bad when I got out that Claudia said I was gonna shake the baby right out of me! :o) I wasn't shaking because I was cold I was just shaking. She had checked me once right before I got outta the tub and I was at a 9. She said that since it was my second child I could start pushing whenever I felt like I needed to. That is why I got out of the tub. After getting back into the bed Claudia broke my water and I started pushing.

Unlike with Kendrick I had little breaks in between contractions so I could actually breathe. :o) He came quick and was here within a few pushes. He came out breathing which was also nice after K not breathing when he was first born. Phill also got to cut the cord which I think he was excited about since he didn't get to cut K's cord.

Getting him here seemed to hurt a lot more than getting Kendrick here. The recovery also seems to be going slower for me ... maybe it has something to do with the fact that I have a 2yr old and can't just rest all the time. :o)

I now have 2 beautiful boys that I love more than life! I am excited to see them grow and already love watching the changes that both are making.

Kendrick loves his little brother and is always wanting to hold and kiss him. Life has been an adjustment but we are loving almost every minute of it. :o)

Funny thing Kendrick said one night while I was feeding Ryan ... He was wanting me to hold him and crying he said, "Mommy! Ryan bed! No eat your boobie!"

Here's some pics: