Sunday, December 7, 2008

We Are Moving!!!!!

Yes we are moving! No, not to another blog.... We bought a house!!! We signed the papers on Thurs and are supposed to be getting the key tomorrow!!! I am sooo excited! My own place! You should have seen me after we signed the papers. I was jumping around and spinning in circles! Phill got a great laugh out of it! :o) Glad I can make my husband laugh. :o)

I tried to upload the pix of the house but it won't let me right now. I'll have to try a different day. Hopefully soon but if it's not soon you'll have to forgive me since I'm going to be busy moving and then heading to AZ this wknd.


We went to St. George with Phill's family for thanksgiving. It was great to just get away for a few days! We had a nice relaxing few days and I made the turkey! Only the 2nd time I've ever done that and the first was with Michelle helping me and making sure I didn't ruin it. :o)

We went to Tuacahn while we were down there and saw the live Nativity. Elder Holland was there! Santa was also there and Kendrick got to sit on his lap. He wasn't very sure about that and just kept looking at him like "who are you and why are you holding me?" We got a couple of pix on Chase's camera so I'll have to post those at another time.

Thanksgiving was great and I hope you all had a wonderful celebration with family and friends.

Monday, October 27, 2008

New Family Pix

A new Blog

So, lately we've been asked quite a bit if I was prego.... just to clear that up, negative.... but it did get me thinking about our blog name. When we are going to add to our little family our old blog name just wouldn't do since it was phillandlesliePLUSONE. So I figured K's first b-day was a good place to end our old one and begin our new one. So start checking here for updates.