Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I know it's a lil early for new years resolutions but I'm gicin 'em to you anyways. :o)

In no particular order:

Be a better wife and mom
Get organized and stay organized
Post at least once a week on my blogs (family, craft and cooking)
Really put and effort into my Mary Kay business -
Upcycle and handmade only - I'll try for 3 months and see how it goes
Clip coupons and USE them! - part of being organized - I know
Keep my house clean
Enjoy the little things
Not stress so much - especially when it comes to noise
Really try to do my "Morgan 5" aka "Morning 5"
Write down something I'm thankful for everyday - to help me be more grateful
Be Prepared - get my emergency preparedness stuff in order

I know some of these are general things but I'm not gonna post every little detail for the world to know.

Feel free to ask me how I'm doing on any of these things! I do better when I know someone is gonna check up on me!


Here are some turkeys that survived the holidays! There were 6 altogether.

One in the middle of the street!

4 on the neighbors lawn - u'd think my in-laws lived in a rural area - Nope just Provo

Monday, December 13, 2010

"Open Carefully So the Love Won't Escape"

In the 1987 Ensign my grandpa, Rex C. Stallings, wrote a very special article in our family. It is about the true meaning of Christmas .... Enjoy!

When I was a young boy, I very much wanted an electric train for Christmas. I put in my order and then waited for the big day to come. I dreamed of trains at night, daydreamed about them during the day, and looked at them in the catalogs and in the store windows. I knew exactly what I wanted—a black train with real smoke and a whistle, on a figure-eight track. Because I knew my parents loved me and did all they could for me, I looked anxiously forward to Christmas.

When Christmas finally came, I rushed excitedly into our living room. There was an electric train—a second-hand train on an oval track. I tried to look excited, but I was terribly disappointed. My father, however, was excited about the train. He lay on the carpet with me, ran the train, and talked to me about how fun it was.

But it didn’t help, because someone had mentioned to me that if you were good, you got what you wanted for Christmas. Well, I knew I was at least as good as my friend Leonard. He got a train just like the one I wanted.
I had a similar experience many years later as a teenager in high school. Everyone had a ski sweater with a deer-head pattern knitted across the front. I wanted one. I told my parents what kind I wanted and what color it had to be. On Christmas morning, when I ripped the package open, I found a beautiful ski sweater. But there was no deer head on the front of it.

I was crushed. How could I ever go to school wearing that sweater? It didn’t look at all like everyone else’s sweaters. True, it was nice, but it just wouldn’t do. Once again I was very disappointed.
I was too immature at the time to look beyond my own selfish desires, beyond the gift, to the giver. My parents loved me, and they sacrificed to give me not only gifts, but all the things I needed. How they loved me!

I remembered this when I became a father. We didn’t have a lot of money, so we tried to get things that were practical. But many a Christmas Eve, as my wife and I prepared the presents around the tree and finished wrapping the gifts, I would find myself in a state of near-panic. I would think, “What if they open these gifts and don’t like them? What if they think we haven’t given them the things they want because we don’t love them?”

To help lessen this panic, I tried to postpone the moment of opening the presents. We started a tradition that on Christmas morning we would all get up, dress, say family prayers, and eat breakfast. Then we would go in around the tree. And just in case postponement didn’t do the trick, I would give “the lecture.”

“We have a lot of presents,” I’d begin. “We want you to know that inside each box and each package is wrapped up our great love for you. So we will open the presents very carefully, one at a time. If we just rip them open and grab whatever is inside, the love may escape unnoticed. After all, the love that is with the gift is greater than the gift itself.”

After my lecture we sat around the tree and opened our gifts, not in wild excitement, but in quiet appreciation and love for one another.

These examples from my life seem insignificant in light of the greatest gift of all—the gift we celebrate at Christmas. Yet in a way, there is a simple parallel. The scriptures say, “God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son.” (John 3:16.) But that gift is not popular in the world today. It is not the latest fad, the kind of gift that makes us popular with the crowd.
How often I have thought back to the days of my youth, truly sorry that I understood so little. So often we kneel in prayer and order our spiritual blessings from Heavenly Father, asking for what we feel we really want and need, and instead receive blessings that are good for us, blessings of love. And we are disappointed! We don’t understand; we feel unloved, unimportant, and deserted.

Perhaps we should examine more thoughtfully and prayerfully the gifts we are given. Maybe they are not exactly what we expected or asked for, but in the maturity of our lives, we will find them to be gifts of love. For truly the Lord offers us all that he has.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Baby's One!

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boy! The year has flown by! I'm so glad you came into our family and that I get to be your mother! I love you!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Mary Kay

I now have my own business! I am selling the awesome Mary Kay products! Mary Kay is an AMAZING company with amazing products! They back all their products with 100% satisfaction guaranteed!!!! Check out my website!
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Friday, April 2, 2010

Ryan Start's Cereal!

I started Ryan on cereal this week and he can't get enough! He grabs my hand and tries to shove the whole spoon down his throat! :o)

Sunday, March 14, 2010


A couple cute pix of the boys. Kendrick loves his brother... sometimes maybe a lil too much. ;o) I know all you mom's know what I'm talkin about. Ryan loves watching him and tries to get up and go to him even though he is not very mobile yet. I know it'll be here sooner than I know. He's scootin and rollin around so it's just a matter of time.
Hanging out on the couch @ Grandma & Grandpa's
Chillin in my chair at home

Another cute pic of Ryan

JT, Payslei, Kendrick and Ryan

JT and Payslei came to play a couple of wks ago. We had a blast! JT & Pays helped me make banana pancakes for breakfast (everyone else was still asleep when they got there). After breakfast they played inside for a little bit than went outside and rode their scooters. It was cold but no snow in site so we took advantage of it. They played in the yard for a lil bit than we went on a walk.

After the walk Phill and I were freezing so we made the kids come in and we made hot chocolate! Yummy! We had a snack than went back to Dave & Gina's and waited for the carpets to be cleaned and ate lunch! Good ol' mac & cheese.
JT riding his scooter

Kendrick riding his scooter

Payslei riding her scooter

Kendrick had a hard time getting up the ramp so he is carrying his scooter


Ryan all bundled up. He couldn't be left outta the fun.

JT being a ham for the camera and rolling on the lawn.

Ryan's 4 months old!

I can't believe my baby is already 4 months old!

Yes he is starting to sit up on his own! CRAZY!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Ryan's 1 Week Pictures

I know, the blessing was after his one wk pix and I'm doing this backwards but Kims been buggin me to get these on here so here they are. I will have to update with more recent pix later. I left the battery for the camera in the charger @ home. :o)

Ryan's thinking...Oh I smell mommy! Let me try and eat this!... Mommy's thinking... Sorry bud that is not what you are think it is! :o)

Think Kendrick is comparing the size of their feet? Nope! Kendrick occupied picking lint out of his toes. :o)

An adorable one of Phill & Kendrick

Our most recent family picture