Thursday, September 17, 2009

32 wks!

Me @ 32 wks... 2nd pregnancy
Kim @ 26wks... 3rd pregnancy
For those of you who have looked at my sister's blog she just posted a pic of her belly and I am doing the same. :o) She is 5 wks behind me but you wouldn't know it by our bellies! We measured the other night around the biggest part of our bellies and she was abt 4in bigger than me! We'll see what the actual difference will be when we both have our babies. I was 2 1/2 wks early with my first and they tell her they won't let her go past the 15th when she is due the 22nd.

I measured 33cm @ my 32wk check. Everybody is telling me that I'm so small! Well that tells you that I'm not! Ha! I'm right on track... :o) For those of you who don't know you are supposed to measure within 1cm either way of how many wks you are.

I have been such a bad mom with this preg! I've taken maybe 3 pix of my belly the entire pregnancy! What a slacker I am!

Just so I have something about this preg here's some fun facts... or not so fun facts.
I was super nauseous with this one. I became the monster I hear pregnant women are! Thanks Phill for loving me anyway! Emotional as all getout! I'd start bawling for no reason and Kendrick would see me so he'd start bawling and Phill just loved us and tried to help. :o) Heartburn! OH MY HECK!!!! Heartburn worse than the fires of Hell!!! Back and hip pain. Trip to the hospital @ 30wks.... It was a bladder infection.... so no worries. Ryan is kicking down all the time! Kendrick give Ryan zerbits, kisses and hugs all through mommy's tummy. It is soo cute! I haven't spilled on nearly as many shirts as I did with Kendrick! Yeah me!