Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ryan's First Major Owie

Last Monday the boys were @ my In-Laws. They made a poster for Uncle Chase, who just returned from his mission to Guatamala 2 days ago. I think they had fun doing it :) I wasn't there. They got to strip down to underware/diapers so they didn't get paint on their clothes.
I got a text from Phill saying that Ryan had burned his arm and they were taking him to the hospital. Here is the story:

The fireplace was on and Ryan being a sneaky lil guy grabbed the remote from behind my MIL and changed the channel. She took the remote away and turned around to change the channel back and Ryan decided he'd sneak behind her... on the other side of her was the gas fireplace whose glass cover burns hot when it is on. He leaned against the fireplace and burned his arm... lil naked man that he was :o) His lil finger to his elbow.

The Next Day
Day 3

Day 5


Jenn Girl said...

Ouch! Poor little guy!

Rachelle said...

Oh, how sad!! I hope he keeps healing well.

Tasha said...

Holy Crapola!!!!!!!