Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Birthday!

... to me! Yay! It is officially the beginning of the end! ....The end of my 20's, that is. This time next year I will be in my 30's!!!! Can anyone else just not believe that?! I swear it seems like just yesterday.... that's totally a mom line right? :o).... that I was a boy crazy teenager!

Lucky for me it wasn't yesterday and I am blessed with a wonderful family! One that sometimes drives me crazy but I love you all regardless! To my siblings and parents, I love you and am grateful that I was able to have grown up with all of you in my life and for the great memories I have of all of you!

To those who joined our family through marriage along the way: You all rock! I'm glad you joined the fam and love our craziness in spite of us! ;o) ... because you are all crazy too! hehe

To the family I joined when Phill and I married: I love you all and feel like I've known you forever! Maybe I have. :o) Thanks for all you do for me! (Katie you are included in this bunch even though you joined after me)

To my Husband: I love you! Thank you for putting up with all my craziness, stubborness and faults! Thank you for loving me inspite of it all! Thank you for laughing with me...NOT at me! ;o) Although you do that too sometimes. Thank you for trying.

To my boys: I'm so grateful to have you in my life! I don't know what I would do without you! Well, aside from sleep a little more and clean a little less. I love you both and love to see you growing and learning! Kendrick: Thank you for making me smile and all the love you give me. Ilove just listening to you playing in the other room and thinking to myself, "This is what life is really all about and makes it worth it!" Ryan: You are my sweet baby boy! I love your laugh and watching you chasing after your brother! Watching you grow and simply the fact that you gave me a zerbit the other day, laughed, did it again, laughed again, over and over!

I love you all! Thank you for all the memories and love!

BTW "Cut the Cake" by John McCutcheon is THE BEST birthday song ever!


Jenn Girl said...

Happy Birthday!

April said...

Happy Birthday, Leslie! I remember 10 years ago when you (and me too, but mostly you, hehe) were boy crazy! :-) Time sure flies, and now here we are, each with 2 little boys! Sure hope you enjoy your last year in your twenties! Man, 30 next year??!! Crazy!

Karen said...